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I Pulled James Altucher Out of Retirement – From What?

James Altucher thought leader, hedge fund manager, and angel investor was a keynote speaker at the 3-day THRIVE/Make Money Matter business acceleration conference in San Diego, CA. After he was done speaking, James stopped by the Business on the Board™ exhibition booth at the conference and inquired about playing a game of chess against me, [...]

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Wells Fargo Doesn’t Play the Skewer Tactic

One of the most common tactics in chess that regularly appears in business is the skewer tactic.  In chess an important piece, usually the King or Queen is under attack from an enemy piece and has to step aside and allow a lower ranked piece behind it to take the ‘hit’ or be captured. In [...]

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Will I See You In September…

It will be “business as usual” in September, when companies and schools return to work which means it’s time to hit the books and further our careers.  A business book that may help you get ahead in your career is one I have been working very hard on for quite a while.  Business on the [...]

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